Monday, 21 October 2013

Layer 1

Hello! I've been toying with blogger for a while now, starting and restarting with different names and urls, only to wake up the next morning and decide what a terrible stroke of misjudgment it was, but it's time to stop sweating over my own scrutiny and invest my energy into more the important things; like dinner making my first post.

I'll admit after a rough first experience of wrestling with 3ds Max, I was having my obligatory first week doubts. However as I've become more and more knowledgeable of the program, it's like I've found my feet and started running, becoming more and more keen to explore and conquer what seemed so overwhelming before. It's absolutely satisfying figuring out a small error in my model and fixing it, adding a little bit of mastery to my library each time I build something new. So I'm excited, to say the least, especially after my recent endeavours with a 3ds bin...

But less about that and more about me. I'm 18 and fresh out of A-levels, with no prior experience in the world of game art. I was drawn to the course and dmu, because I feel I have so many ideas- landscapes, characters, worlds- but no relevant method of really making the most out of them. When investigating universities I was already set on art, since the prelude to my life up until that point had all revolved around art, so it was inevitable that it was something I would pursue. Then I found game art, it was like a moment of sudden realization, where everything just clicked into place, not only could I bring my 2D skills up to their full potential, but also learn 3ds so people could literally experience and play my ideas? Yes Please. 

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