Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Praise the sun(box)!

Our sky is gone. Literally. We were all in labs working on our project making a very important group decisions- our team name (it's CTRL_ALT_DEFEAT by the way.) In a strange blip of white light, our computer screen that was hosting the scene, suddenly blipped white, then  black then...
                                                   Oh God, it's all... it's all broken 

Our scene collapsed in on itself like a devastating black hole, and destroyed all our lighting, textures and simply removed everything we had outside the scene, putting us in a void. We had no idea why this was happened (although we suspect it had something to do with skybox?) Regardless it meant we had to re-import every single thing again since autosave blocked us from reverting. It also butchered our metals and left them a dark grey, regardless of metal or roughness maps. 
There was nothing we could do to save or recover the scene. No matter how much the scene was lit up our metal was black.
The only course of action was to rebuild our scene from scratch- and to our dismay, as we began to attach materials in our rebuilt scene it happened again. Luckily the solution this time was to bring in scene reflection sphere to put light back into our scene. If the crash taught us anything it’s to not rely on autosaves and save many alternate versions along the way.  Also to never delete the skybox. Maybe. Who knows? 

Frankly I'm just relieved our team is ahead of schedule enough for us to rebuild in time for the deadline (in two days!) Though it is a shame, we were in such a comfortable spot and now its chaos and panic. Though at least this can be an opportunity for everyone to fix names and organize all our assets and textures, right!? and while that is true, this still sucks, massively. Bugs happen. 

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