Friday, 25 April 2014

Helmets really are cool though.

 So I was painting my beautiful bike over Easter (which on a side note I feel came out pretty good) but what I really got hooked on was the helmet-also how much I wish I actually had a blackout visor, but the low visibility at night is such a turn off, ah the sacrifices made for safety! Anyway, the whole helmet thing haunted me for a while so I hazardously threw out some helmet designs and before I knew it was painting a cyborg of some description. I wanted it to be smooth, which is saying something because allot of my work tends to be far more spontaneous and rough, with clear painterly marks. Unfortunately I wasn't quite able to escape that style entirely, but it's probably the best attempt at it in a while, especially on the legs! 

So feeling pretty hyped about the design I went to my Skype friends for some critiquing; immediately they all attacked the left breast. I took another look, but couldn't for the life of me see the 'obvious' misshapen boob that they could, despite their best efforts to describe the defect. After a short while someone decided to just show me visually and sent be back this image: 

(Note the above is after I fixed it) Now it was clear, but it made me realize how important it was for other people to see your work, since when you've been looking at the same painting for so long you can often become disillusioned and others can see far better what you can't. 

Gif is from Durarara, studio Brain Base

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