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Ideally when I get out of university, I want to do conceptual art, more specifically, character art. While it'd be close to impossible to get such a specialized job so soon, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of requirements large companies were asking for and how I could respond at this early stage in my development as a games artist.
I found an application as a Senior concept Artist at the prestigious Riot Games, lets take a look:
As Senior Concept Artist, you’ll be embedded with the champion design team from concept to execution, working with as little as a napkin sketch and as much as a full blown narrative concept to develop memorable and compelling champions.  You’ll generate, sketch and iterate the visual ideas, insights and eye candy that take even the smallest kernel of a concept into full-fleshed champions that live, breathe and bring something completely new to the Fields of Justice.
So as a summary, I must be able to adapt to different requests and be able to both follow very strict instructions on design, but also be able to design something from very little.


  • Artistic and prolific: your keen eye for lighting, color, form and composition inform your work from ideation to creation; you’re a master of the rapid sketch, quickly generating ideas knowing that sometimes it takes a hundred good ones to get to the great one
  • An experienced collaborator: your artistic hand reflects years of experience refining your craft, but you’re also a natural and avid collaborator; you coat-check your ego, but are eminently capable of articulating and defending your next great idea
  • Multi-dimensional: you’re as experienced and knowledgeable with pad and pencil as you are with Photoshop and similar 2D software; you’re also comfortable trekking beyond Flatland to experiment with Zbrush and other 3D programs
  • Genre-bending: you have cat-like reflexes for chasing a great yarn, whether in contemporary comics or ancient mythology; you’ve built a Noah’s Ark of archetypes, ready at a moment’s notice to set sail into brainstormy waters
  • Anatomically correct: you have advanced understanding of human and animal anatomy, but aren’t afraid to stretch the limits; exaggerated, stylized proportions feel perfectly balanced in your hands, and superheroes line up outside your studio hoping to be drawn in one of your staggeringly dynamic poses
  • A player-focused gamer: as an avid League of Legends player yourself, gaming is as much a part of your artistic palette your trusty pen and sketchpad; though your art's awesomeness commands attention, you'd never let it upstage the holistic player experience
  • Being artistic is a requirement. I think we all saw that coming- aside from that its important to note that they want someone who won't get too attached to a certain design and be willing to do it again and again and again until one strikes a chord. We also need to be able to do this quickly, it emphasizes the importance of some of our lessons on silhouetting which is a good way too generate lots of different ideas quickly. 
  • Being able to work well in a team is a skill I feel I have, or at least have great potential for, like the description says is a mix of collaboration and also knowing when to hold your ground on certain aspects to get a idea across without being walked over or dismissed.
  • I know that 2D goes hand in hand with 3D, that's what makes this course so alluring since its often a requirement to be able to use 3D software, even in this very specialized position. 
  • Having a strong visual library and being able to draw inspiration and references form things we've seen in the past- be it movies, comics or games. 
  • At the moment, I may not be as strong at life drawing and anatomy as I need to be, but I'm leaps and bounds ahead of what I was last year, and I'll be stronger next year as well. Correct proportions are the backbone for all character art even if you are distorting them to some degree. 
  • Be a League player? Check. Got that one covered. 
  • Sketch, ideate and iterate new champion concepts in collaboration with fellow concept artists
  • Collaborate closely with writers, animators, game engineers and splash artists to define champions that are both narrative and visually cohesive
  • Develop detailed concept art and orthographs for 3D designers and animators to implement into working models
  • Be an avid researcher and collector of story tropes, archetypes and narrative devices of all kind
  • Challenge video game conventions and explore new territory for the League of Legends IP
Basically putting who you are in the above section into context! 

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