Sunday, 4 May 2014

1920's Chicago

So this week I spent working on our Chicago character project. I honestly wasn't crazy keen on this idea when it was announced, it just wasn't up my alley. Despite that, once I actually got researching I found I had a metric tonne of ideas! I was torn two ways between a well suited, shady and confident female gang leader or an Aviatrix. I was actually more inclined towards the gang leader character because I'd become attached to her character in the short time I had to figure her out, but I was more draw in towards the less popular Aviatrix, just because she felt a little more unique. I also can't resist goggles. I really can't. So I rolled with that and had an absolute blast with it, the outfit is a mishmash of official gear and her own style that I just couldn't resist adding. The colour was actually a quick job, I'm not used to colouring my paintings so i simply used an overlay layer, but didn't like how it muted some of the colours. I tried simply painting over the black and white but I wanted to keep the rendering on the original painting. Eventually I just reverted back to the overlay and it just grew on me. I started to feel like it fit the 1920's theme. regardless I left the black and white version intact in case I decide to take another shot at it.

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