Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Mushroom Factor

Fun week, good stuff.
The natural progressive step for me was polypainting, I love sculpting, it feels organic and natural and fun, so it didn't surprise me when I found polypaining and equally awesome way to work.
I am still limited to British mushroom colour- red and brown gets old fast when you have 5 different mushrooms to do, but tried to find way of stretchy colour and pronouncing different hues, even if it mean exaggerating life slightly. I felt it was necessary since all these mushrooms would be so large in comparison to Alice, that the colour would need to hold up in interest and quality. Also, it's worth noting that like the rocks, I want the mushrooms to be as adaptable as possible so all the different heads and stalks are separate exports, and certain heads and stalks are made to be able to interconnect with each other. This is to help keep variance where we need to and make the most out of the assets we've made. Especially since the colour palette was so restricted, most of the mushrooms look somewhat natural when combined.

This is one of the nicest and most detailed texture sheets I've made. Each part of it has had a lot of care put into it, which is why it makes me immensely sad that I've packed such detailed assets so tightly. I think these mushrooms could easily have done with being two separate texture sheets. When these were all baked out I was sad to see the quality drop from the sculpt to the bake, purely through how the resolution of the texture. Negotiations are taking place currently as to not have the texture size reduced further, I'll fight for my mushrooms. 
In the meantime everyone's assets are slowly coming together, alot of the plant life Christy made for the Canal level are being put in the forest and it looks really cool. In the meantime however, the forest engine file I've been working on is being absorbed into the bigger game. I want to say it'ss too soon, but I think that's just because I've been enjoying working with my own file, although it will be considerably harder to work with it now that I also have to abide my someones schedule as well. On the bright side our level is getting sewn together, and we'll soon be able to play from start to finish. Yay!

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